• Cafemino micro roaster
    the first in the world
    roasting even 50 g
    per batch
    Toper Cafemino mini roaster
    Toper Cafemino roasting 50 gr
  • Cafemino micro roaster
    industry level
    roasting performance
    Toper Cafemino mini roaster gas
  • Cafemino micro roaster
    Toper Cafemino mini roaster
    Toper Cafemino mini roaster gas
    Adjustable flame height system

The mini professional coffee roaster

Cafemino® is a mini coffee roaster with industry-level performance. It carries all the advantages and superiorities of Toper Industrial Roasters onto the table-top.

Cafemino® fits everywhere with tiny dimensions and roasts from 50 g/batch to 6 kg/h.

Upmost technology on desktop

Cafemino® was introduced in 2006 after 2 years of research and development. The mini roaster uses upmost industrial coffee roasting technogies in table-top size.

The safety, heating and energy control systems of Cafemino are the most efficient systems of the world’s roasting industry.

Perpetual roasting quality

Heating, cooling, safety and control systems of Cafemino® are designed and engineered for non-stop performance.

Roasting characteristics of Cafemino® match exactly with Toper shop and industrial roasters, making it an ideal sample roaster.

Super roaster for everywhere

Cafemino® is great at traditional and third wave cafes, coffee shops, training centers, specialty coffee laboratories, etc. for its superior quality and perpetual running capacity.

It’s among the top mini roasters preferred by specialty coffee experts of the world for 50 g/batch roasting capability.


  • Cafemino Electric Cafemino® Electric

    Roasting with electric heated thermal transfer, equipped with auto shut-off system for electric failures.

  • Cafemino Gas Cafemino® Gas

    Roasting with LPG, LNG or natural gas heated thermal transfer, equipped with various safety systems.

  • Cafemino custom Cafemino® Custom

    Fully customizable body paint and logo application options for retail and cafe chains.